Jiangxi Tourism

Jiangxi: there are places of historic interest and scenic beauty with a total of 4 world heritage sites, 6 national heritage, 3 World Geological Park; 10 5A level scenic spots, 106 4A level scenic spots, 2 5A level of rural tourism, rural tourism at 88 4A level; 18 key national scenic spots and 27 provincial-level scenic spots area; 7 provincial tourism resort; 15 National Nature Reserve, 37 provincial-level nature reserve (December 2016 data) [53]; 7 National Forest City (October 2016 data) [54]; Forest Park 180, including national 46, 121 at the provincial level; wetland 91, of which 33 national wetland the park (including pilot 22), provincial wetland 58, an area of 117 thousand and 200 hectares; historical and cultural cities in 4 countries, there are immovable cultural relics 32831, including 128 national key cultural relics protection units, the provincial cultural relics protection units 266 More than 3000 municipal and county level cultural relics protection units. The scenic area has a total area of more than 5400 square kilometers, and the wetland area is 91.01. million hectares, accounting for 5.45% of the land area.

World Heritage: Mount Lu (Cultural Heritage), Mount Longhu, Mount Sanqingshan - (Danxia part China Guifeng)

The world geological park: Mount Lu Jiangxi World Geological Park, Mount Sanqingshan World Geological Park, Mount Longhu - the world geological park

National historical and cultural cities: Nanchang, Ganzhou, Jingdezhen and Ruijin

National Geological Park: Jiangxi Mount Lu, Jiangxi Mount Sanqingshan Geopark Geological Park, Jiangxi Wugong Mountain Geological Park, Jiangxi Mount Longhu Park, Jiangxi geological rock geological park

The national 5A level scenic spots: Jiangxi Province, Jiujiang Mount Lu scenic area, Jiangxi Jiangxi Ji'an City, Jiangxi province Jinggangshan scenic area, Yingtan Mount Longhu scenic area, Jiangxi Province, Shangrao City, Mount Sanqingshan tourism scenic spot in Jiangxi Province, Shangrao city of Wuyuan Jiangwan area, Jiangxi province Jingde town kiln folk Expo area, Ruijin City, the Republic of Jiangxi the cradle of Jiangxi Tourism District, city of Yichun province Mingyue Mountain Tourism Zone, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi province Guifeng Mountain Scenic Area in Shangrao city area.

The national key scenic spots: Mount Lu scenic area, Jiangkou Reservoir scenic area, Jinggangshan scenic area, Mount Sanqingshan scenic area, three hundred mountain scenic area, Meiling Pavilion of Prince Teng scenic area, the scenic area, Gao Ling - Yao Li scenic area, Wugong Mountain scenic area, scenic area, Shennong source Maoshan Scenic Area, West Mount Lu scenic area (formerly Yunjushan mountain - Zhelin Lake Scenic Area), Mount Longhu scenic area, Shangrao Lingshan scenic area.

National Forest Park: Jiangxi three and Forest Park, Jiangxi Mount Lu, national Forest Park, Meiling National Forest Park of Jiangxi, Jiangxi three hundred Mountain National Forest Park, Jiangxi Mazu Mountain National Forest Park, Hukou national Forest Park, Jiangxi Poyang Jiangxi lingyandong national Forest Park, Jiangxi Mingyue Mountain National Forest Park, Jiangxi Cuiweifeng national Forest Park and Jiangxi Tianzhu peak national Forest Park, Jiangxi Taihe national Forest Park, Jiangxi lake, Jiangxi Guifeng Mountain National Forest Park national Forest Park and Jiangxi, Jiangxi Mei Guan Shangqing state Forest Park national Forest Park, Jiangxi Yongfeng national Forest Park, Jiangxi court soap Mountain National Forest Park, Jiangxi three Springs National Forest Park, Jiangxi Wugong Mountain national Forest Park, Jiangxi Tongboshan national Forest Park, Jiangxi Yang Ling state Forest Park, Jiangxi TIANHUAJING national Forest Park, Jiangxi wuzhifeng national Forest Park, Jiangxi Zhelin Lake National Forest Park, Jiangxi doushui Lake National Forest Park, Jiangxi, national Forest Park, national Forest Park, Jiangxi Anyuan Jiangxi Bay National Forest Park, Jiangxi Jingdezhen national Forest Park, Jiangxi Yunbifeng national Forest Park, Jiangxi national Forest Park, nine Caroline Jiangxi Yanquan national Forest Park, Jiangxi Yaoli national Forest Park, Jiangxi Mountain National Forest Park, Jiangxi cool mountain national Forest Park, the Jiang Xijiu Ridge Mountain National Forest Park, Jiangxi Mountain National Forest Park, Jiangxi five Cen Shan National Forest Park, in the Jiangxi Mountain National Forest Park, Jiangxi Park Lake National Forest Park and Jiangxi in Yushan national Forest Park, Jiangxi Yuxiu Mountain National Forest Park Jiangxi holy church, national Forest Park and Jiangxi Lotus Hill in Poyang national Forest Park, Jiangxi Pengze national Forest Park, Jiangxi evergreen broad-leaved forest national Forest Park.

National Wetland Park: Jiangxi East Poyang Lake National Wetland Park, Jiangxi kongmu River National Wetland Park, Jiangxi, Jiangxi Xiuhe National Wetland Park Dongjiangyuan National Wetland Park, Jiangxi Medicine Lake National Wetland Park, Jiangxi Nanfeng Nuo Lake National Wetland Park, Jiangxi Wetland Park in Heyuan home repair.

National Migratory Bird Nature Reserve: Poyang Lake national migratory bird nature reserve.

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