Legal aid

Legal aid

The legal adviser: Guangxi Songhua;

Gender: male;

Native place: Jiangxi;

Occupation: lawyer;

Tel: 13037230705


Practising certificate number: 13601201010943245.

Cultural process: Master of laws, Nanchang University.

From 1997 to 2008, he worked as a journalist in Jiangxi, Nanchang province. In 2008, he obtained the legal profession qualification certificate through the national judicial examination. Now the Bank of Beijing (Nanchang) lawyer law firm, since he has himself in civil law and company law as its main areas, in progress, people have accumulated rich experience, and has achieved considerable development and progress.

I am diligent, has passed the state enterprise legal adviser qualification examination (certificate number: 10303643009360009) and national financial economist (intermediate) qualification examination (certificate number: 11013630901211025), laid a more solid foundation for their professional development in the civil and commercial law.

I am loyal to my duty, honest and trustworthy, dedicated service, I wish to devote all my life to studying and serving the villagers of Jiangxi!

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