Attract investment

Project finance prospectus

I. outline of the project:

Based on is the rapid rise of the pension industry in Shanghai City, establish training bases of pension service personnel in Jiangxi province and distribution center, with professional training, information management platform and home care services to build brand output, Shanghai Jiangxi linkage, for the production and marketing through-train service pension industry chain.

Two. Project initiation:

Jiangxi Jiangxi Housekeeping Service Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Jiang right Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai spring spring family service agency (national top 100 domestic units) and so on

Invites strategic investors to join.

Three, project subject:

New entity: Shanghai Jiangxi Housekeeping Service Co., Ltd.

Registered capital: 5 million yuan RMB

Among them: strategic investors to cash 4 million 500 thousand yuan investment, 51% stake; project planning and implementation team to intellectual achievements, project resources and other intangible assets investment, cash can be voted 10%, 500 thousand yuan, a total of 49%.

Four, project structure:

1, Shanghai Jiangxi Housekeeping Service Co. Ltd. as the main project for Shanghai base construction company, to 3 million yuan, respectively, the other shares of Jiangxi Jiangxi Housekeeping Service Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Jiangyou Network Technology Co. Ltd. the 1 million yuan (20% shares).

2, Shanghai Jiangxi Housekeeping Service Co. Ltd. as the main implementation of the project, the establishment of Jiangxi Province, Shanghai in domestic service workers resettlement training base in Shanghai City addressing, and strive to obtain the relevant government departments in Jiangxi Province, the policy support.

3, Jiangxi Jiangxi Housekeeping Service Co., Ltd. is responsible for recruiting personnel throughout Jiangxi Province, providing human resources support for the project, and in the provinces and municipalities to carry out the local pension personnel, domestic transport service personnel.

4, Shanghai Jiangyou Network Technology Co., the company responsible for the construction of network platform and APP development, to provide management information platform support for the project, the timely introduction of venture capital, become the Internet information and big data services platform.

5, Shanghai spring rain and other strategic partners to invest in intangible assets of Shanghai Jiangxi housekeeper, for the project to provide Shanghai base personnel training, labor delivery channels and other resources cooperation.

Five. Market demand:

Demand for professional service personnel in Shanghai and Jiangxi pension institutions;

Nursing needs of home aged people in Shanghai and Jiangxi provinces;

Employment demand of surplus labor force in Jiangxi province.

Six, resource advantages:

Shanghai and Jiangxi government departments and their related policy background support;

Shanghai University, school related professional disciplines support;

The demand for talent training and transportation in Shanghai's pension institutions;

Industry background resources for project partners.

Seven, project operation:

1, Jiangxi Jiangxi Province around the housekeeper and domestic companies to establish strategic cooperation, the recruitment of housekeeping and pension services personnel, relying on the Shanghai River right, the network platform to build a human resources database, the preferred transport to Shanghai Jiangxi housekeeper;

2, Shanghai Jiangxi housekeeper use of strategic resources partners in Shanghai, the establishment of Jiangxi Province in the center of Shanghai pension for migrant workers, provide personnel occupation training, job placement, temporary accommodation, legal aid and other support services, to create "Jiangxi Butler" brand and home-based care services based on the information platform of home care service system.

3, project operation mode mature after the capital increase, Jiangxi Jiangxi housekeeper human resources base and Jiangyou network technology information platform based on background support, Shanghai Jiangxi Butler industrial chain model copied to other large and medium-sized city.

Eight, project income:

1, training business into income;

2, human resources delivery, outsourcing into income;

3, "Jiangxi housekeeper" brand home care services revenue;

4, the data services and value-added services revenue of the network platform;

5, after the mature business model, increase the share of value-added capital gains.

Nine, business objectives:

In the first year, balance the cash flow of the project revenue and expenditure, and ensure sustainable operation;

Second years, started the capital increase process, more than 50 million of financing objectives, to promote the project's off-site expansion and chain operations.