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The company's research and development program for health and wellness has achieved initial success and has successfully extracted blood clots for more than 100 people.

Vascular youth is a sign of longevity. Vascular soft, long life, hard blood vessels, short life. After 45 years of age, blood vessel plaques begin to appear and become larger in the human body. Don't think you look energetic. You can easily get the cold without a cold. In fact, the body's blood vessels have been quietly aging, serious will cause blood vessels blocked, and then a variety of fatal old age disease will find you!

1, cerebral vascular occlusion - stroke

A stroke may occur after hemiplegia, don't speak clearly or even loss of activity, completely bedridden.

2, cardiac vascular obstruction - myocardial infarction

If the blockage is not serious, it may be that the blood pump capacity of the heart is affected, and severe myocardial infarction can be fatal at any moment.

3, the blood vessel on the leg is blocked - arteriosclerosis obliterans, vein thrombus

Clogged arteries may cause leg and foot ischemia, necrosis, and even amputation. If the vein thrombus falls off, it can lead to pulmonary embolism when it enters the pulmonary blood vessel.

4, pulmonary vascular blockage - pulmonary embolism

The condition of the pulmonary embolism is usually very urgent. When the blood vessel is blocked for a long time, the person may suffocate to death.

Chinese people's common cardiovascular life is not long, the average age is about 75 years, so the average life expectancy of Chinese people for 75 years. With the increased age of high blood lipid, blood viscosity is more than the normal standard, performance for the red blood cell aggregation on blood viscosity in blood, and lack of clearance distance, slow blood flow, low blood cell activity. Blood viscosity is high, the initial body general and no obvious symptoms, but great harm to the body. Increased blood viscosity, slow blood flow, reduce the metabolic capacity of blood, blood lipid and cholesterol deposition in the inner wall of the garbage and blood vessels, the blood of poor quality, will cause the organ (especially the brain) insufficiency and hypoxia, so often dizzy and sleepy. In severe cases, the arterial wall may undergo degeneration and necrosis, or platelet adhesion and aggregation may develop into more severe arterial thrombosis. Folk extraction operation practice of small thrombus, just a few minutes, but without any risk and pain, two hours after the immediate body relaxed, ears and eyes bright, under normal circumstances can prevent the three, coronary heart disease, stroke, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, pulmonary infarction and other diseases. More premature beat, the need for cardiac bypass stent through the extraction of thrombus, two hours after surgery can be removed, go to the hospital to check the premature beat significantly reduced. Jiangxi villagers can first extract thrombosis, hospital testing results are satisfactory after paying, difficult families direct free.